The Fine Art Superheroes perform at Galleries, Opening Receptions, and Arts Festivals.

basil el halwagy | creative projects
Midway Studios
15 Channel Center Street, #301.
Fort Point, Boston, MA. 02210

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basil el halwagy | creative projects

Artist Statement: Fine Art Superheroes

I create wearable-performative characters that embody ideas and tell stories. I call my characters ‘Fine Art Superheroes’ because our archetypal comic-book heroes wear suits and costumes which call forth the values they embody and defend. Just like in the comic genre, each of my heroes’ ‘suit’ employs motif, that comes to signify that character’s identity. My characters embody desires. Electrostar embodies harmony, Donagdeo embodies growth, The Untitled Man embodies creation itself, and Remon embodies protest. I create all my characters using a cotton unitard and fabric paint, and various materials for the headpieces.

I create my work for the general public, using dynamic patterns to make them visually accessible and interesting to people regardless of age, class, or background. I often share my work through public performances in art galleries and outdoor festivals. Through my work hope to learn if, and how, an artist in the 21st century can create a fictional hero that is as well recognized as characters in comics and pop culture, without the driving power of capitalism.

I started this project because I wanted to make characters in my drawings come to life. I found that I also enjoyed extending these projects into great photographs and unique performances, play the role of director, installation artist, writer, mask maker, seamstress and make up artist at the same time. I love that my costumes employ a fine art motif to cultivate a character identity. I create each character with a unique headpiece, because they each represent very different desires, all of which, I know, are important to artists.