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basil el halwagy | creative projects

The Untitled Man: The creative process and how the Untitled Man suit was made.

The Untitled Man was inspired by a drawing from my Black Drawings Series.
I created this drawing in 2005, using pastel on black paper. The drawing is 8' x 5'.
I developed the untitled man suit and character, because to me, this drawing came
was perfect and I felt the character possessed a quality reminding me of Pygmalion,
the greek legend of the sculptor who literally falls in love with his work.

Above and Below: two sketches the untitled man in 2006. After completing sketches I began working on a prototype suit for The Untitled Man. I was at a full fellowship residency at the Vermont Studio Center.

Above: 3 images of what the suit looked like in it's first prototype. These are also stills from a performance.

Below: The current verision of the suit was worked on in 2009 and completed by 2010. The next two images show what the current suit, before painting. Blue lines delineate what would become tangles of white lines in the red suit.

Below: The next three images show the suit painted red, using a spray bottle and fabric paint.

Below: 2 images that show the under painting for the white stripes.

Below: 3 images that show refinement for the white stripes, with blue and purple shading

Above: The Back, Below: The Front

Working on the helmet took another year to develop. I was in Graduate School at Tufts University getting my MAT during the time.

The helmet is constructed from foam, sculpted by hand to fit my head, with a coating of Polyputty, which is a substance similar to bondo. This is the helmet sanded, before spray painting.

Below, The Untitled Man's helmet , painted with spray enamel, with ceramic mask attached.

Currently the ceramic mask has been replaced with a light weight mask cast from Free Form Air, Light Weight Epoxy Dough. The ceramic mask was too heavy and nearly flew right off during a performance.