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basil el halwagy | creative projects
Midway Studios
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Fort Point, Boston, MA. 02210

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basil el halwagy | creative projects

Somerville Open Studios Performance

This performance took place in May 2012. I was invited to participate in what was otherwise a fashion show by local designers. within the show I created two brief, 2-3 minute performance for each of my characters. Electrostar had just been completed, as I had been working on the head piece during spring break. My performance involved poetry about electrostar and untitled man and music. The actors, Jason Outlaw as electrostar, and Jesse Wilson and The Untitled Man, performing movement in the space, in time with the recitation of the poetic verse I wrote.

The Untitled Man

The Untitled Man was born skinless
His muscles and tendons exposed
Helmet and mask affixed to his skull
Shielding developing ideas
From other’s scrutiny

Concentric circles spinning around
At the core of the abdomen
Generate kinetic energy
Surging through its synaptic cords
And out the fingertips

The Untitled Man began to build
By manipulating matter
Energy from the extremities
Flowing into the work of art
Breathing life into it


You will expand infinitely. Your descendants continuously divide and spread. Your roles shall be as infinite, Your abilities will be as varied, as the space you embody.

They watched as the masses divided, warred, and conquered in all directions. Sandstorms of light and dark, calling each other good and evil, separated by electron clouds.