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Electrostar: Experimentalism in Mystic Reality

Experimentalism in Mystic Reality uses dance and visual art to explore how humans probe the impenetrable and diagram the unseen. This performance draws inspiration from experimental scientist Ernest Rutherford, and Middle Eastern mystic Jallal al Din Rumi. Early 20th century scientists designed experiments to penetrate atoms which will never be "seen", and allowing them to diagram its contents, while Sufi Mystics probe the unseen through their inner practice and outer actions.

This performance is a collaboration between myself and Anikai Dance Theater. Wendy Jehlen choreographs and performs. I created the costume, character, concept, and installation. The Artwork in the performance includes 4 Arabic calligraphy paintings, using a silver mylar surface, and two floor sculptures with arabesque motifs. We were particularly inspired by Rutherford experiment, which allowed Ernest Rutherford and his students explore a space that can not be seen, to create a more about its contents. Also, the Islamic practice of circumambulating the Kaaba as part of the Hajj.

This performance took place on December 7th 2012 at Mills Gallery in Boston MA, as part of the Movement@theMills performance event, and was made possible by The Boston Center for the Arts.

Visual Art, Installation, Wearable Art and Video by me. Photography by Melissa Blackall

Electrostar; Experimentalism in Mystic Reality. Wendy Jehlen performs, Visual Art by Basil El Halwagy from Basil El Halwagy on Vimeo.