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basil el halwagy | creative projects
Midway Studios
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basil el halwagy | creative projects

Performed in October 2010.
The Untitled Man

Part of Hubris. Curated by El Putnam
Performer is myself, the artist. This was my first public performance of The Untitled Man, since I created a prototype of the character in 2006.

I choreographed a form for this performance, similar to forms I learned when studying Kung Fu. forms are designed to teach a series of martial arts moves as a unit. In the martial arts, they are practiced, choreographed, established movements created by masters.

I created a form for The Untitled Man, where the movements were not specifically from self defense, but inspired by the things artists do when engaged in the process of making art. for me as an artist, I spend a lot of time writing, drawing, painting and sculpting, in kind of a loop, as part of my process. I wanted to create a performance that explored that loop for the artist-hero.