The Fine Art Superheroes perform at Galleries, Opening Receptions, and Arts Festivals.

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Interplay! II

Featuring The Untitled Man, Electrostar, Remon, and Donagdeo @the Summer Solstice Art Reception on June 19th. This performance took place at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center.

Performed by Glenna Clifton, Pradhuman Nayak, Wendy Jehlen, and Shawn Paulling. Music by Akili Jamal Haynes. Art and Concept by Basil El Halwagy.

Interplay! is a performance about the competing human desires for growth, creativity harmony and protest. It examines how those desires interact, push and pull, or ebb and flow, when a person, a group, or a community creates. This performance uses the Fine Art Superheroes to exploring the creative act and the competing desires involved. In Interplay! the four characters embody of growth, harmony, creativity, and protest.