The Fine Art Superheroes perform at Galleries, Opening Receptions, and Arts Festivals.

basil el halwagy | creative projects
Midway Studios
15 Channel Center Street, #301.
Fort Point, Boston, MA. 02210

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basil el halwagy | creative projects

Interplay: A Fine Art Superhero Flashmob

Performed October 4. 2013

Interplay! is a flash mob performance exploring competing human desires for growth, creativity harmony and protest. This performance builds on visual artist Basil El Halwagy’s ‘Fine Art Superheroes’. El Halwagy designs and creates characters that come to life through wearable art. Each character embodies a particular human behavior rooted in desire. In Interplay! four gifted choreographers become embodiments of growth, harmony, creativity, and protest and interpret epic narratives through movement, with the help of talented performance and dance students of Boston Latin Academy.

Funded by The Boston Foundation as part of Expressing Boston, a special initiative that seeks to collaborate with residents of boston’s vibrant cultural communities to lift up and portray our rich and diverse histories, traditions, identities, and resources through public expressions known as cultural flashmobs.

All Photography by Derek Lumpkins